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Mission & Vision

SPHS Mission & Vision Statements

Our Mission:

The mission of South Pasadena High School is to empower/enable students to think critically and creatively, communicate effectively, solve problems, set and reach goals, and work cooperatively and independently as responsible citizens of the community. Staff, students, parents, and community members collaborate in assisting students to meet these ends.

Our Vision:

South Pasadena High School will produce active, caring and engaged students with skills and attitudes that continually make a positive impact in their families and local community, as well as the global community. The SPHS campus community provides the technological, social, and academic tools that together foster the emergence of pride and respect for self and others. Through a caring and supportive environment fostering mutual respect and rewarding relationships, a diverse array of students, faculty, parents, and community will interact together, seeking to embellish the unique gifts that each individual brings to the campus community.

Our Guiding Principles:

  • Respect
  • Responsibility
  • Integrity

The faculty and parents of South Pasadena High School believe...

  1. We are committed to developing productive, autonomous citizens.
  2. We believe that a diverse teaching staff and student body enriches us all.
  3. We value students and teachers entering into a mutually rewarding relationship.
  4. We believe teachers make a major impact on our students' lives by being positive role models and examples to emulate.
  5. We believe integrating disciplines helps students make connections between the disciplines.
  6. We believe that a positive, optimistic, and supportive environment can influence virtually 100% of the student body.
  7. We are committed to challenging our students to learn and produce in ways that continue to expand their potential.
  8. We believe that young minds are nurtured by genuine concern and caring by the school community.
  9. We believe that our diverse student population provides an excellent opportunity to teach not just tolerance but real appreciation for cultural, ethnic, and racial differences.
  10. We believe that students learn by engaging in a variety of experiences meaningful to them.
  11. We believe that students construct meaning through interaction with others.
  12. We value being perceived as the unique individuals we are.
  13. We believe that developing critical and creative thought must be done over a wide range of ideas and disciplines.
  14. We are committed to developing students who demonstrate persistence, strive for accuracy and precision, question and pose problems, apply past knowledge to new situations, think and communicate with clarity and precision, gather data/information, and who can manage impulsivity, listen to others with understanding and empathy, think flexibly, reflect on their thinking, create, imagine, and innovate while taking responsible risks, find humor, and think independently.
  15. We are a relentless, committed team.