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UC Riverside APSI-1


7/15 - 7/18

This is a temporary page for the UC Riverside APSI (Week 1) in the Campbell Learning Center on UC Riverside campus.  I put this picture above (and the one at the bottom of the screen) to remind us of the wonderful facilities we had for the week.


Web Sites We Shared

  • A Boy and His Atom -- a movie by IBM made by moving CO molecules around on a surface.
  • How Large is a Mole -- TedEd video
  • How Big is an Atom -- TedEd video
  • Crash Course Chemistry -- This is a series of YouTube videos by Hank Green.  I see 23 videos (about 11 minutes each) on topics from the nucleus to polar molecules.
  • NukeMap -- An interesting (useful?) program during nuclear chemistry that will show how large an area will be decimated if...  (you pick the scenario).
  • AP Chemistry Interactive Review Activities -- from, these are practice and review activities for students.
  • Cell Size and Scale -- I THINK this is why we visited this web site.  This might be a nice site to share with your AP Biology teachers as well.
  • TOPS -- this is only good if you are within a certain distance of Occidental College and have money to buy into their program, but they will bring labs and modern technology to your classroom.  You can at LEAST look at their lab handouts.
  • GPB Television -- This is Georgia Public Television that has many useful videos.  There are accompanying teacher materials, but I am not sure whether you can simply download them or do you need to buy a video.  I've heard conflicting accounts.  Check it out in any case.
  • Meet The Elements -- Song by They Might Be Giants.  A fun song that is not TOO annoying.
  • Roy G Biv -- Another song by They Might Be Giants.  About the rainbow colors.
  • SYTYCD Quest Crew Guest Appearance -- amazing young dancers dressed in lab coats with a background "rap" of science information.  Pretty cool.  Might make a good filler for the end of class or a good hook at the start of class or a break in the middle of class.
  • Fabric of the Cosmos: Quantum Leap -- 52 minute video about the quantum realm from NOVA.
  • Brightstorm Hess's Law -- here is an example of videos that help with these topics.  The participant who showed us this video said that this woman is her favorite lecturer.


Kim Magdaleno writes:  I have attached the chemical change demo I talked about the last day and also a simple galvanic cell potential lab that I had a few people ask about.

Contact Information

If I have your name, school, or email address incorrect, please email me and let me know.  I should have posted these names while we were still together.

  • Michael Bahari
    • Palm Desert High School
  • Jennifer Bravo
    • Diamond Bar High School
  • John Chae
    • Santa Clarita Christian School
  • Cindy Chan
    • Chinese Christian High School
  • Andrea Chou
    • The Webb Schools
  • Christina Churney
    • Orange High School
  • Wade Cormier
    • Brea Olinda High School
  • Andrea Cuellar
    • Baldwin Park High School
  • Jennifer Donohue
    • San Gorgonio High School
  • Christiana Duckett
    • Ganesha High School
  • Derek Gildner
    • Norco High School
  • Tanya Hall
    • Santa Fe Christian Schools
  • Sheri Harris
    • Arlington High School
  • Toni Hernandez
    • Calvary Christian Schools
  • Laura Hier-Dent
    • John A. Rowland High School
  • Mary Hines
    • Pasadena High School
  • Kim Magdaleno
    • La Serna High School
  • Deborah Marsing
    • California Preparatory Academy
  • Judy Persons
    • Northwood High School
  • Johnathan (Merck Index) Rea
    • San Leandro High School
  • Michael Rea
    • Rancho Christian High School
  • Kelly Wiseman-Silva
    • Ramona High School
  • Jin Zhou
    • West Covina High School