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Palos Verdes Peninsula HS

This is a temporary home for our institute web page.  My intention is to turn this into a better web page soon, but that may never happen knowing how life gets in the way of projects.

Contact Information

  • Marissa Baker
    • Northview High School
  • Arnie Benn
    • Tarbut V’Torah
  • Angela Campbell
    • Francis Polytechnic
  • Robert Collard
    • Grand Island HS
  • Oscar Constandse
    • Newport Harbor H.S.
  • Mita Dalal
    • Bellflower High School
  • Alison Fielding
    • Centennial High School
  • Mariah Fontijn
    • Culver City High School
  • Sean Gilbert
    • Leuzinger High School
  • Robert Gonzalez
    • Ocean View High School
  • Linda Kazibwe-James
    • Whittier Christian High
  • Sun Lee
    • Villanova Preparatory School
  • Wilkin Lee
    • Lennox Academy
  • Lisa Lewis
    • Moorpark High School
  • Katie Osdras
    • Santa Teresa High School
  • Shannon Regli
    • Troy High School
  • Mary Rice
    • New Community Jewish High School
  • Ann Shioji
    • Overfelt High School
  • Sandra Tidwell
    • Mammoth High School
  • Kimberly Tilton
    • Santa Barbara
  • Genelita Tubal
    • Cesar Chavez High School
  • Brad Vereen
    • Dublin High School
  • Robert Walden
    • Moorepark High School
  • Janie Washburn
    • Hemet High School
  • Sophia Woo-Gallardo
    • Norwalk High School
  • Christopher Wren
    • Saddleback High School
  • Yu-Huan Wu
    • Vacaville Christian High

Shared Ideas

  • Doceri -- This is an interactive Whiteboard app for iPad with Doceri Desktop programs for Mac and Windows.  There is a "free" version of the app, with ads and copyright logos, and the one-seat licence is $30.  I don't understand it too well, but apparently it lets you write on your iPad and display on your projector at the same time as well as do voice-over of your notes or sllides.
  • ChemEd 2013 & ChemEd2011 Handouts -- You can download the handouts from the past two ChemEd Conferences.  This has many ideas by high school teachers.
  • Royal Society of Chemistry -- Practice Tests and other resources are available for download.
  • Books by Victor Sampson -- NSTA -- These are guided-inquiry activities/labs for middle school and high school.  The pattern of the lab is to have students work in groups on a task and report their findings on a white board.  One student stays with the white board and the other students move around the room to see how other groups approached the problem.  Successful with low-ability students.  I can find biology activities, but apparently he is working on the same thing in chemistry.
  • Chemistry Formatter -- Shannon told us about a Word Plug-In that will format your chemical equation automatically.  Here is the link to the page that talks about it and allows you to download it.  Shannon says it does not work on the latest Macs.
  • Paul's Labs and Demos -- I made a list of the labs and demonstrations associated with each of my chapters.  This was for the old audit, but it might give you some ideas.
  • Here is a list of the Educreations Tutorials Paul has made according to chapters in his book.
  • The Silver One-Pot Demo -- I found the Flinn Fax instructions for this demonstration.
  • Growing Crystals in Gels -- Here are the Flinn Fax instructions for this lab activity.
  • Target Inquiry Activities -- Here is a link from Wilkin Lee.  He says "Here is a link to target inquiry activities. You will have to sign up and before having access to the documents."
  • HANAS -- (Wilkin Lee).. .Some of the people are asking how to help student memorized the Solubility rules... These are part of it. I believe your is more complete and will try to add on to the Hanas model.  This is a Powerpoint.
  • Matterville Hotel -- (Wilkin Lee)  Similar to the Aufbau Hotel
  • Electron Configuration Battleship -- (Wilkin Lee) I copied this from Justin Field of Oregon at ChemEd'01
  • Pictures from the Institute -- Here is a link to a Dropbox file from Ann Shioji.  She says: I'm not sure how it works, but I believe you can hyperlink this on your summer institute site so others can see?  I've invited the people who wanted the link already.  If you are already part of the sharing, this will get you to the picture folder (I think).
  • Poster of the Components of Sea Water and the "Orbitals" of the Planets by Arnie Benn.  These are small versions of these posters but he had large versions printed for his classroom (At Staples, they cost about $50 each to both print and laminate).

Arnie Benn at the Ocean

I went down to Balboa Island and tested the theory. I drew 1.57 V off the ocean at about 40 mA. It seemed reasonably consistent though I only kept it in for a few minutes.

I did two trials:

1. Mg anode - Cu cathode:
Actual yield: 1.575 V and 40 mA
Theoretical yield: 2.71 V      (58.1% yield)
Possible explanation for deviation: temperature difference from 298K (at 9pm); low Cu concentration (0.0009 ppm)

2. Al anode - Cu cathode
Actual yield: 0.65 V and 6.5 mA
Theoretical yield: E(cell) = 2.0 V    (32.5% yield)
Possible explanation for deviation: temperature difference from 298K (at 9pm); low Al (0.001 ppm) and Cu concentrations (0.0009 ppm)

Ocean water contains: (in ppm or mg/kg)
Mg2+ ions:     1,290 ppm
Al3+ ions:     0.001 ppm
Cu2+ ions:     0.0009 ppm

For reference:
Na+ ions:     10,786 ppm
SO4_2- ions: 2,710 ppm
Sr2+ ions:     8.1 ppm
Fe2+ ions:    0.0034 ppm
Zn2+ ions:    0.005 ppm

Mg electrode
Al electrode
Cu electrode
copper wire
ocean water


Mnemonic for Polyatomic Ions