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AP By The Sea-2014

This is a simple page to hold information from our summer APSI.  The APSI was held on June 23 - 26 at the University of San Diego.  I am listing a few technology items that were shared by the participants.  If you email me something that we can share, I will add to this list.

  • AirServer--This is a piece of software that you can install on a PC or a Mac.  Once installed, it will allow you to "mirror" your iPad to the computer that is hooked to a projector.  Anything on your iPad screen will be projected.  If you have AppleTV, this gives your computer the same capability.  The software requires you to purchase a license, but there is an educational price of something like $7.  You can also get a 7-day free trial.  The two computers you use must be on the same wireless network.
  • Notability--This iPad app makes a nice pairing with AirServer.  Notability allows you to take notes, write on your iPad screen, import .pdf's or pictures and draw on them, etc.  You or your students can use your iPad as an electronic whiteboard.  There is a lot more that Notability can do that I have not yet explored.
  • NearPod--This is an iPad app that allows you to put together lessons that your students with iPads can download.  Not only does it allow you to display information, but you can interact with the students as well.  You can ask questions or polls and get feedback.  You can give them a chance to "draw" which means they could do a Lewis Structure or solve a problem and you can see what they write from YOUR iPad.  I downloaded and played with this app briefly.  I don't think it is free if you want bells and whistles.
  • MolsEdit--This inexpensive iPad app ($4.99) allows you to build molecules that you can "screen capture" and use or simply display for your students.  One of the options that seemed really useful was the orbital display mode that showed the double bond as a sigma and a pi bond.  The molecules can be "optimized" to display the correct structure (VSEPR) and rotated.
Name School e-mail addr
Ben Davey Southwest HS
Alex Day-Blattner Clark Magnet HS
Cheryl Eisen San Diego Jewish Academy
Marilin Escalante Mar Vista HS
Ben Fabian Olympian HS
Tammy Golomb Fowler HS
Paul Groves South Pasadena HS
Rosanna Lupien Helix Charter School
Janie Mathis Chino Hills HS
Mahsa Meemari Oakland Military Institute
Bill Miller Maranatha Christian Schools
Joel Miller Montgomery HS
Keri Ponce Westlake HS
Philip Rainer St Margarets Episcopal School
Amy Rosen San Marcos HS
Henry Shimojyo Lakeside HS
Kathryn Smith (Tech Specialist) Hart High School
Debbie Stenger Mt Carmel HS
Alice Stevens Oak Grove HS
Danielle  Vincent-Griffith Crawford HS
Karen Wang Port of Los Angeles HS